Cross - Easter 2023

An Easter Prayer

Dear Holy Spirit,

As we prepare for the Easter celebration, help us to remember both Jesus’ humanness and his expansive and loving world view. While we pray about the tremendous sacrifice made by our Lord, let us ground ourselves again in Jesus’ model for how to be human, for how to live. At the core of that example, was our Lord’s call to love one another. He showed us how to love, to serve, to hope.

Jesus was also vulnerable and completely human, just like us. That means that our humanness can also be divine, and can help us experience the divine. Our internal voice – what if that is often truly the Lord guiding us, reassuring us, helping us find our own human path forward? Can we take the time to hear?

As Richard Rohr discusses in his book The Universal Christ, “the risen Christ is not a one-time miracle, but the revelation of a universal pattern that is hard to see in the short run. Resurrection and renewal are, in fact, the universal and observable pattern of everything.”

This Easter season, help us to go deep inside, to see and to experience the Lord inside each of us. Help us focus on the question: what internal work do I need to do today to let go of patterns that no longer serve me? What internal guidance are you offering me, Lord, deep within, that will resurrect your love within me, each and every day?

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