board of directors

Founder and Board President

Lauren Drummond Littrell

As Founder and President of Love One Another Ministries (LOAM), Lauren speaks publicly on
behalf of the organization and serves as the lead facilitator of the Unity Lab. The Unity Lab is a
program that brings people together to do the hard work necessary to promote healing and
restoration with the ultimate goal of racial reconciliation.

Lauren is an ordained Christian minister and works as both a hospice and a hospital chaplain.
She is a house church (small group) leader for her church, New City Fellowship, and recently
served as a group leader for Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), a structured Bible study offered by
an international, interdenominational fellowship of Christian lay people.

Prior to establishing LOAM, Lauren co-founded The MERCY Project—a St. Louis-based
organization dedicated to bringing about healing and racial reconciliation between black and
white mothers through meaningful dialogue and thought-provoking activities. Love One Another
Ministries was an answer to Lauren’s desire to take the message of racial reconciliation into the

In August of 2018, Lauren spoke at the first United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’
Listening Session in St. Louis, where she shared her family’s personal struggles with racism in a
Catholic school setting and the story of hope that followed. In 2017, Lauren was part of the St.
Louis cast of the nationally acclaimed show, “Listen to Your Mother”. She moved the audience
with her transparency about the effects of racism on her two, young sons. Lauren is honored to
have been invited back to be a part this year’s show on September 25th at St Louis’ world-class,
Grandel Theatre.

Lauren received her Master’s in Theological Studies (MATS) from Covenant Theological
Seminary and her BA in Broadcast Journalism from Howard University. She spent 13 years as a
television news anchor and reporter before receiving the call to ministry. Lauren and her husband
William have a blended family of four teenage children, one of whom is a sophomore in college.
She believes that God has ordained Love One Another Ministries for such a time as this.


Will Littrell

A native of Columbia, MO Will Littrell recently joined Love One Another Ministries as board secretary. Will has been a financial professional for nearly twenty years. Will began his career as a financial advisor, but since 2015 he has been involved in financial regulation and compliance. Though he long considered himself a Christian, Will did not develop a full relationship with Christ until 2018. It wasn’t long after his move to St. Louis in 2020 that a drive for reconciliation grew like a fire in his heart. Will looks forward to bringing his professional experience and passion for reconciliation to LOAM.

Director Of Social Media

Travis Howard

Devoted follower of Christ, Software Engineer by trade, Travis Howard was born in and grew up in the culturally diverse neighborhoods of Brooklyn NY. This upbringing, in part, gave him his love for caring for people who are different from him. Travis became a Christian at the age of thirteen after God helped him through a difficult period in his life. God has blessed him throughout the years in numerous ways, including having a great family, a love of theology, a heart for giving, and a desire to reach out to the lost. Travis believes the church needs to be at the forefront of restoring civil dialogue, but not at the cost of telling the truth of Jesus. His love for engineering, math and computers lead Travis to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Clarkson University. While in college, he developed a desire for evangelism and teaching the word of God. He also became involved in the National Society of Black Engineers and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. After graduating in 2007, Travis moved to Saint Louis, Missouri to start his first job as a Software Engineer. During Travis’ time in Saint Louis, he has been blessed with a great church in New City Fellowship and has gained wonderful friends to help him settle in the area. Travis describes himself as a Christian who loves God and wants to try to do the right thing and love others.
Board Member

Kate Etling Rowley

Kate graduated from Ohio State University with a B.A. in Psychology and French, and then attended University of Virginia for a M.A. in Social Psychology, writing her thesis on stereotyping in the workforce. She has held roles in business consulting, finance and marketing, and has worked across many industries from sporting goods to energy to tech and telecom. She is currently a strategic marketing and business leader with Comcast, who is involved in DE&I efforts at work and with her teens’ high school. She is a leader who values lifelong learning, strives to create an inclusive, more equitable environment, and helps diverse teams thrive so they can build better solutions.
Board Member

Carolyn Smith

Carolyn is a Saint Louis native and recent graduate of the University of Arkansas. It was during her time on campus that she encountered Jesus as her Lord & Savior and grew a heart for discipleship toward Jesus and within the body of Christ. She became enamored with Christ’s call to “…make disciples of all the nations” (Matt 28:19). She believes that belonging in and expanding the Kingdom of God requires the posture of a life-long learner. Carolyn was involved in a variety of organizations as an undergraduate student, one of which was serving her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, as Marketing Vice President and then proceeding to become the President. In both of these roles, she served on a thirteen-member executive board overseeing a 470-member organization, the largest sorority chapter internationally. Through this leadership experience, Carolyn continued to interact with people who held various worldviews and lived experiences. As she grew in her love for the Lord and intake of the Holy Scriptures, the Lord graciously gave her a heart to long for the unity, restoration, and redemption He brings. Simultaneously, she recognized that many in her generation have a similar heart for justice in response to the wrongdoings of the world, but do not have the eternal hope to see justice truly fulfilled. She is a proponent of the idea that in the midst of a racially divided world, the body of Christ needs to see reconciliation in Jesus Christ as a core component of discipleship. Carolyn now serves as a campus minister with Student Mobilization at Missouri State University. She desires to build up spiritual leaders from the college campuses of the world in an effort to continue to grow the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.